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Scholarship on stars in globular clusters

The Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center is opening a call for one scholarship to work on the abundance analysis of high-resolution spectra of metal-poor stars. 


The scholarship is available to graduate students currently enrolled or accepted for the year 2019/2020 in a doctoral school in the fields of astrophysics, astronomy and physics.

The position is open for 3 years (however, no later than by the end of the project implementation period), starting October 1st, 2019.

A competitive salary is being offered: 4500 PLN/month in the framework of the OPUS NCN Polish grant (no: 2018/31/B/ST9/01469), led by dr hab. Rodolfo Smiljanic.

The candidate will work with dr. hab. R. Smiljanic on the analysis of near-UV (300-400 nm) spectra of metal-poor stars, to determine stellar properties and chemical abundances for a study of the origins of the r-process nucleosynthesis.

Previous experience with spectroscopy, spectra of metal-poor stars and/or the physics of heavy-elements will be an advantage.


Applicants should submit an application including:
- a CV;
- a scan of signed GDPD form - available from: https://www.camk.edu.pl/en/about/ochrona-danych-osobowych/#rodocent (NCN DGPD documents);
- a copy of the most important diploma (master, engineer, bachelor) - including the list of course grades;
- as well as information on research experience (participation in research projects, publications, awards, etc) and research interests;
- at least one recommendation letter.


The deadline for application is: September 27, 2019.


Applications should be sent in the PDF format torecruitment@camk.edu.pl

Additional information can be obtained from: rsmiljanic@camk.edu.pl


This competition is independent from the recruitment for the GeoPlanet Doctoral School at NCAC (https://www.camk.edu.pl/en/phd/).