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The results of the call for NCN scholarships

The Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center in Warsaw informs that the winners of the competitions for PhD scholarships under NCN-funded research projects are the following:

1. Mr Lorenzo Gavassino - in the OPUS research project, no: 2019/33/B/ST9/00942, leading under the guidance of dr hab. Brynmor Haskell;

2. Mr David Abarca - in the OPUS research project, no: 2019/33/B/ST9/01564, led by prof. Włodzimierz Kluźniak;

3. Mr Tathagata Saha and Ms Saikruba Krishnan - in the Beethoven Classic research project, no: 2018/31/G/ST9/03224, led by dr hab. Alex Markowitz.