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Site-selection criteria for the Einstein Telescope

The Einstein Telescope is a planned future observatory of gravitational waves. The planned sensitivity will allow to detect binary black hole coalescences up to the redshift of 30, if such events did happen in the very early Universe. The observatory will allow to verify experimentally detailed properties of black holes and will revolutionize our understanding of the gravitational wave Universe. In order to achieve this ambitious goal a construction site for the Einstein Telescope must be carefully chosen. The observatory will be placed underground and will host six interferometers with 10 km arms designed in the triangle configuration. In the paper “Site-selection criteria for the Einstein Telescope” we discuss the conditions that the site for this future observatory must fulfill and methods to verify them. The paper will serve as a guide book for the site selection activities in the coming years.


Scientists from the Copernicus Astronomical Center are members of the gravitational waves research teams.



Figure. Artist view of the future Einstein Telescope and its infrastructure.