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The result of the calls for the NCN scholarships

The Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center in Warsaw informs that the winners of the competitions for the PhD scholarships:


1) under the OPUS research project nr 2021/41/B/ST9/04110, leading under the guidance of prof. Agata Różańska (the announcement of January 21th, 2022) are the following:


1. Mr. Biswaraj Palit;

2. Mr. Pablo Daniel Contreras Guerra.


2) under the OPUS research project nr 2021/43/B/ST9/01714, led by dr. hab. Michał Bejger (the announcement of July 14th, 2022) - the following:


1. Mr. Sudhagar Suyamprakasam.


The scholarship will be paid provided that the candidates meet the formal requirements, set out in the "Regulations for awarding NCN Scholarships for NCN funded research projects".