Journal Club


"Massive black holes"

P. Bagińska (NCAC, Warsaw)


"The cusp/core problem in dwarf galaxies"

E. Łokas (NCAC, Warsaw)


"Current problems in asteroseismology of upper main sequence stars"

P. Lenz (NCAC, Warsaw)


"Sgr A* flares: tidal disruption of asteroids and planets?"

B. Czerny (NCAC, Warsaw)

Based on arXiv:1110.6872


"MESA - a new tool for stellar evolution and more"

R. Smolec (NCAC, Warsaw)


"SDSS J1507+52: an eclipsing period bouncer in the Galactic halo"

A. Olech (NCAC, Warsaw)

Based on Uthas et al., MNRAS 414, L85 (2011)


"Did Polish Painting ever exist?"

P. Kopszak (National Museum, Warsaw)

Art is a phenomenon which requires freedom in a degree not always necessary in other domains of human activity. Does it really make sense to compartmentalise its effects using categories borrowed from other nonartistic fields? Or perhaps one should rather pay more attention to the way artists proclaimed their freedom by opposing the realities of context in which they lived? Opening of the new gallery of Polish and European Painting before 1914 in the National Museum in Warsaw which replaces former Gallery of Polish Painting is an opportunity to take a look backwards and study how the notion of Polish Painting developed, who were its main protagonists and how useful it is still today. "Battle of Grunwald" by Jan Matejko, one of the emblematic paintings of Polish School will be given a more in-depth look as an example of art work exciting both acclaim and fervent critique to a large degree connected with Matejko's infatuation with Polish history and present day politics.


"New BIG All Sky Surveys - new life of NOAO 4m telescopes, Pan-Starrs survey, LSST"

J. Kałużny (NCAC, Warsaw)

Based on arXiv:1203.0590, arXiv:1203.0591 and arXiv:1201.2208


"Are the physical constants really constant?"

S. Bajtlik (NCAC, Warsaw)

Based on the ''Spatial variation in the fine-structure constant -- new results from VLT/UVES'' (arXiv:1202.4758) and the ''Future constraints on variations of the fine structure constant from combined CMB and weak lensing'' (arXiv:1202.4373).


"Surroundings of the Galactic Centre on two different scales: Fermi bubbles and a gas cloud to collide with the black hole in 2013"

A. Zdziarski (NCAC, Warsaw)


"Heartbeats from IGR J17091-362"

A. Janiuk (CFT PAN)

Based on ''The Faint "Heartbeats" of IGR J17091-3624: An Exceptional Black Hole Candidate'', Altamirano et al., 2011 (ApJL, 742, L17)


"Determination of the mass and radius of neutron stars"

M. Fortin (NCAC, Warsaw)

Based on "The Mass and Radius of the Neutron Star in the Bulge Low-mass X-Ray Binary KS 1731-260"
by Özel, Feryal; Gould, Andrew; Güver, Tolga (ApJ 748:5, 2012)

"The Galactic centre mini-spiral"

D. Kunneriath (Prague Relativistic Astrophysics, Czech Academy of Sciences)

High angular resolution radio interferometry observations at high frequencies enable us to study the emission mechanisms of the central region of our Galactic Centre, which harbours the supermassive black hole source Sgr A*, in great detail. We present high resolution maps along with a spectral index analysis of the extended emission of the mini-spiral region at 3 and 1.3 mm, and compare it to infrared maps of the region, in the NIR Br-gamma at 2.16 micron and the MIR at 8.6 micron. Physical properties of the gas and dust in the region such as spectral index, emission measure, density, mass and extinction are presented.


"Discovery of the most isolated globular cluster in the local universe"

A. Hypki (NCAC, Warsaw)

Based on Jang et al., arXiv:1205.3559


"The Inter-Eruption Timescale of Classical Novae from Expansion of the Z Camelopardalis Shell"

M. Otulakowska-Hypka (NCAC, Warsaw)

Based on Shara et al., arXiv:1205.3531


"Zespół cieśni nadgarstka: co to takiego i jak sie ratowac?"

J. Mikołajewska (NCAC, Warsaw)

(talk in Polish)


"Alternative scenario for BLR evolution in AGN"

K. Hryniewicz (NCAC, Warsaw)

Based on Wang et al., arXiv:1202.0062


"Projekt Astrogrid-PL + króciutki raport nt. stron WWW CAMK"

P. Ciecieląg (NCAC, Warsaw)

Projekt Astrogrid-PL jest jednym z gridów dziedzinowych realizowanych w ramach projektu PLGrid+. Celem projektu PLGrid było dostarczenie polskiemu środowisku naukowemu zaawansowanej infrastruktury informatycznej dla potrzeb prac badawczych. Z kolei w ramach Astrogrid-PL powstaną elementy infrastruktury IT oraz usługi dedykowane specyficznie dla astronomów.

Notes: (talk in Polish) Zobacz pierwszy newsletter projektu PLGrid+.


"Time delay between optical and X-ray outbursts in the HMXRB A0535+26/HDE245770"

Franco Giovannelli (INAF)

 (Lecture in the big seminar room) 


"Tentative Evidence of a 130 GeV Gamma-Ray Line from Dark Matter Annihilation at the Fermi LAT"

R. Moderski (NCAC, Warsaw)


"LOFT - Large Observatory For X-ray Timing "

Agata Róźańska (NCAC, Warsaw)


"Can we measure the slope of density profile in dwarf spheroidal galaxies?"

Klaudia Kowalczyk (Warsaw University Observatory)


"Accretion in sgHMXBs: The journey begins!"

A. Manousakis (NCAC, Warsaw)

"Simulating observations of phenomena around compact objects"

F. Vincent (NCAC, Warsaw)


"Multi-wavelength observations of ultra-luminous source Bcz* in our Center"

A. Różańska, A. Janiuk & K. Hryniewicz (NCAC, Warsaw)


"Viscosity prescription of accretion disk around black holes"

Bhupendra Mishra (NCAC, Warsaw)

"The jet-launching structure in M87 resolved down to 5-6R_S"

Andrzej Zdziarski (NCAC, Warsaw)

based on: Science, 338, 355 (2012) (arXiv:1210.6132)


"The habitability of exomoons"

Alexis Smith (NCAC, Warsaw)

based on: René Heller and Rory Barnes (Proc. IAU 293, 2012) arXiv:1210.5172


"500-year Activity History of Sagittarius A*"

Bożena Czerny (NCAC, Warsaw)

based on Ryu et al. (2012, to appear in PASJ); arXiv:1211.4529


"NGC 6826 and the ZZ Leporis stars"

G. Handler (NCAC, Warsaw)


"Multiple stellar-mass black holes in globular clusters"

A. Hypki (NCAC, Warsaw)

based on Sippel & Hurley (arXiv:1211.6608)

"Transit algorithm performance using real WASP data"

A. Schwarzenberg-Czerny (NCAC, Warsaw)

based on: Enoch et al. (2012) A&A, 548, A48, ADS link


"Source-intrinsic near-infrared properties of Sgr A*: Total intensity measurements"

Vladimir Karas (Astronomical Institute, Academy of Czech Republik, Prague)

based on: G. Witzel et al, ApJS 203, id. 18, (2012)  ADS link