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A newly discovered VHE gamma-ray PWN candidate around PSR J1459-60

The observations of the Galactic Plane carried out with the H.E.S.S. telescope have revealed the high energy emission (photon energies above 0.1 TeV) from the HESS J1458-608 source. The detailed spectral and
morphological analysis of this newly discovered H.E.S.S. source is
presented in the work of R. de los Reyes, A. Zajczyk and R.C.G. Chaves.


Nearby the HESS J1458-608 source a gamma-ray pulsar PSR J1459-60
was recently detected by the Fermi Space Telescope. The spatial
coincidence of the pulsar and the TeV source combined with the
results of the spectral and morphological analysis and also with
the lack of other sources that could be associated with the TeV
emission argue in favour of the evolved pulsar (PSR) - pulsar wind nebula
(PWN) scenario. In this scenario, the HESS J1458-608 would be the pulsar
wind nebula of the PSR J1459-60 that moved away from its birthplace
as a result of the kick-off velocity it acquired in a non symmetric
supernova explosion. The evolved PSR-PWN scenario, thus, explains
the observed displacement of the pulsar from the bulk of TeV emission
(the possible PWN candidate).


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