Journal Club


"My 3 favorite preprints from the last week"

J. Kałużny (CAMK)

Luhman et al, "Discovery of a Candidate for the Coolest Known Brown Dwarf", arXiv:1102.5411; Knispel et al., "Arecibo PALFA Survey and Einstein@Home: Binary Pulsar Discovery by Volunteer Computing", arXiv:1102.5340; Richard et al., "Discovery of an old galaxy at z=6.027, multiply imaged by the massive cluster Abell 383", arXiv:1102.5092


"How to describe Mars surface using some economic equations"

J. Kotlarz (Warsaw University)


"Is dark matter theory challenged by gassy galaxies result?"

M. Bilicki (CAMK)

Based on McGaugh, arXiv:1102.3913; (title based on this website)


"Kepler laws for beginners: simple geometry instead of differential calculus"

A. Schwarzenberg-Czerny (CAMK)

"Overview of planned Ground Station facility for BRITE satellite mission"

G. Woźniak (CAMK)