Journal Club


"Morasko Meteorite"

K. Bąkowska (NCAC, Warsaw)

based on Stankowski "Morasko Meteorite" (UAM, 2009), Karwowski et al. (Meteorites, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2011, 21-28, PDF) and recent findings


"Astrophysical Outbursts"

Christopher Fryer (LANL)

With the number of fast-response telescopes dramatically increasing, the era of astrophysical transients has now begun. But much work remains on the theory side to be able to use observations of these transients to learn about astrophysical outbursts. I will review the difficulties in developing detailed models of astrophysical transients as well as the methods by which we hope to overcome these difficulties.


"Broad Absorption Line Quasar J1020+4320: Recently Restarted Jet Activity?"

K. Hryniewicz (NCAC, Warsaw)

based on Doi et al. 2013 (arXiv:1301.4759)