Journal Club


"First results from the hard X-ray sensitive astronomical satellite NuSTAR "

Greg Madejski (Stanford University)

[Seminar] NuSTAR is a satellite-based astronomical observatory, sensitive in the hard X-ray band, over the range of 3 - 80 keV. It consisting of mirrors capable of focusing hard X-rays onto the pixelated CdZnTe detector. The observatory was launched in July 2012, and continues to operate flawlessly. This presentation will give a broad overview of the scientific results obtained with NuSTAR. Those will cover the new insights gleaned from sensitive observations of hard X-ray sources in our Galaxy, such as supernova remnants and the Galactic Center, and extragalactic sources such as active galaxies, and clusters of galaxies.


"CCD photometry of bright stars using objective wire mesh"

A. Schwarzenberg-Czerny (CAMK, Warsaw)

Based on Kamiński et al.


"On Hawking's paper on black holes and firewalls"

Marek Abramowicz (CAMK, Warsaw)

based on Hawking 1401.5761