Journal Club


"The catastrophic effect of mergers on the angular momentum and morphology of galaxies in EAGLE"

Nicolas Peschken (CAMK, Warsaw)

based on Lagos et al. arXiv:1701.04407


"A 16-yr photometric campaign on the eclipsing novalike variable DW Ursae Majoris"

Karolina Bąkowska (CAMK, Warsaw)

based on Boyd et al., MNRAS 466 (2017)


"New insight into dissipation and stability of relativistic jets"

Krzysztof Nalewajko (CAMK, Warsaw)

Based on Barniol Duran et al., eprint arXiv:1612.06929


"Effective temperatures of cataclysmic-variable white dwarfs as a probe of their evolution"

Diogo Belloni (CAMK, Warsaw)

based on Pala et al. MNRAS 466 (2017)