Journal Club


"Building ATHENA in Poland"

Agata Rozanska (CAMK, Warsaw)

The stalk will be about current progress in building subsystems for ATHENA mission in Poland.


"The B or not the B and how to get it"

Radek Stompor (CNRS, Laboratoire AstroParticule et Cosmologie)

The Cosmic Microwave Background is one of the most important observables in the present-day cosmology and one of our best windows onto the early Universe and the physics at the extremely high energies. The speaker will review the physics of the CMB B-mode polarization and current efforts to detect it.


"A giant exoplanet orbiting a very-low-mass star challenges planet formation models"

Katarzyna Rusinek (CAMK, Warsaw)

The talk is based on the work of . M dwarfs, the most common type of star, are low-mass objects that emit most of their faint light in the near-infrared, making it difficult to detect any orbiting exoplanets. The nearby M dwarf GJ 3512 has been observed in the optical and near-infrared. Periodic variations in the star's radial velocity show that it hosts a gas giant exoplanet on an eccentric orbit. The authors use simulations to show that such a large exoplanet around such a small star has implications for models of planet formation.