Journal Club


"Black holes in GR"

B. Czerny (CAMK)

(based on arXiv:0901.4365)

"MRI according to Balbus"

W. Kluźniak (CAMK)


"The dynamical effects of white dwarfs birth kicks in globular clusters"

M. Giersz (CAMK)

based on arXiv:0902.1166v1

"Highlights from Alexandria 2009 conference"

J. Ziółkowski (CAMK)


"Discovery of Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Emission from Centaurus A"

R. Moderski (CAMK)

(based on ApJL, Volume 695, Issue 1, pp. L40, 2009)

"Low-Energy Astrophysics"

M. Bilicki (CAMK)

(based od arxiv:0903.3384)


"Long term AGN X-ray spectral variability"

M. Sobolewska (Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH) and University of Crete, Greece)