Journal Club


"Evidence for a large exomoon orbiting Kepler-1625b"

Saikruba Krishnan (CAMK, Warsaw)

Exomoons are the natural satellites of planets orbiting stars outside our solar system, of which there are currently no confirmed examples. In a recent work, Alex Teachey and David M. Kipping, present new observations of a candidate exomoon associated with Kepler-1625b using the Hubble Space Telescope to validate or refute the moon’s presence.


"Why (Astro- and Geo-)Physicists should not use FORTRAN!"

Prof. Alex Schwarzenberg-Czerny (CAMK, Warsaw)


"Breaking the spectral degeneracies in black hole binaries with fast timing data"

Eleonora Veronica Lai (CAMK, Warsaw)

Review talk based on the recent work of M. Axelsson and C. Done: