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"On the approximations and assumptions when describing Comptonization in accreting sources. - a spectroscopical/timing view with MoCA -"

Francesco Tamborra (Astronomical Institute of the Czech academy of Sciences)

Comptonization (i.e. up-scattering of low energy photons from hot electrons) is believed to be an important mechanism in accreting sources such as X-Ray binaries and Active Galactic Nuclei and responsible to explain the hard X-ray emission we observe up to hundreds of keV in these sources. In the talk, I will show the results we have obtained with MoCA, our Monte Carlo code which includes all relativistic effects and accurate treatment of Comptonization and talk about the impact which different approximations can have on the spectrum. As a bonus, I will show the preliminary results obtained within the framework of the active scientific collaboration with CAMK on the topic of the variability induced by Comptonization.